MerryStockings Deer Christmas Stocking Holders | Maple (Set of 2)


MerryStockings Deer Christmas Stocking Holders | Maple (Set of 2)

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    Brand new for the 2018 Christmas season, MerryStockings presents this pair of Deer Wooden Christmas Stocking Holders. This pair of deer stocking holders comes in maple wood, however, we make the same product in cherry and walnut. The deer are a laser-cut pieces of 1/4" maple wood and they fit perfectly into the wood bases, which are made with holes in the top for the deer to seamlessly slide into. This allows you to switch the top portion out if you ever decide you want something different on the top. For example, in coming years we'll have more designs and if you want to switch a deer to a Santa Claus design, you simply purchase the top piece and slide it into the universal base. 

    The base portion of these stocking hangers weigh nearly two pounds. A metal plate has been inserted into the base of the wood. The plate is screwed into the base and covered with a soft, veltex liner. You would never know the plate is in there if we didn't tell you, but we want you to know the holder base is solid and can hold nearly 2 pounds of stocking stuffers. 

    This line of exclusive holders are 100% made in the USA.

    Dimensions: The dimensions of the base: 6" wide by 1.75" tall. The deer stand 5.5" (without antlers) and 7" (with antler) above the base. 

    Turnaround time: Deer Wooden Christmas Stocking Holders ship within 2-3 business days. 

    Guarantee: MerryStockings guarantees your satisfaction. To read our return policy, please RETURN POLICY.

    Shipping Information: Please visit our shipping page for additional information on our rate structure. SHIPPING INFORMATION.

    Product Code: WH-110

    These solid wood, modern Christmas stocking holders will look amazing on your mantel year after year.
    Created in Minnesota, the MerryStockings Deer Wood Stocking Holder Pair are a timeless addition to your mantel.
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